Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Tennis Channel is bad for tennis

I hate the Tennis Channel.
Hear me out. I don't have the Tennis Channel. I already pay too much to Time Warner Cable. And I worry that if I did get this channel (and whatever other channels I would have to pay for to get it) I would never want to leave home.
Sort of.
I love tennis, but I think the Tennis Channel is bad for the game. Why? Over the last few years I have seen fewer and fewer tennis matches aired by other channels, as the Tennis Channel has obtained the rights to air them. And yes this is bad for me as I can no longer watch the matches I used to. But I also believe that fewer people will be exposed to tennis on TV, so new fans will decline as a result. By making it so exclusive, it has made it unseen by the masses outside of the Grand Slams. Not good in my opinion.

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